Date: Saturday 21st May 2022
Time: 1.30 – 2.30pm or 2.30 – 3.30pm
Venue: Landau Forte College, Fox Street, DE1 2LF
Open to: Females 8+

Frequently Asked Questions...

Archery is a sport using a bow to shoot arrows. Beginners start with target archery, which can be indoors or outdoors. You will shoot a set number of arrows at the target which is set at a distance between 10 to 90metres. Target Archery is the type of Archery offered by Evergreen.

Archery is known to build strength, stamina and coordination. It supports our mental wellbeing by increasing self-confidence and also enhances concentration and focus levels. It is a sunnah sport which is great on an individual basis and perfect for meeting new people.

Our taster ‘have a go’ sessions are £5 for the session.
Our beginner courses which run over a set number of weeks throughout the year vary in costs.

Whatever you would like to, be that shalwar kameez, an abaya, headscarf or not. Just something comfortable so you can shoot without restrictions.

If the session is based outside in a public space it will not be female-only.
If the session is in an indoor space, then it will be hijab-friendly in that you can take it off should you wish to.

Just a bottle of water. A bow, arrow and arm guard will be provided during the taster and beginner courses. You may want to purchase your own once you start enjoying and progressing.

A relaxed atmosphere where you can zone out and learn something new.

Yes you can stop at any point and pray. Our indoor venue will have an ablution (wudu) opportunity and we will have an area for you to pray if you need to. There are no toilets onsite for the outdoor venue so please perform your ritual ablution beforehand

Not for this activity, sorry.

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Mandie Elson

Archery GB Coach and Ambassador

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