Book of the Month

Current Book: Love from Mecca to Madina

Day: Saturday 18th March (monthly meet-ups)

Time: 4.30 – 6pm

Venue: Insomnia Cafe, Burton Road, Derby

Open to: Females 14+

Frequently Asked Questions...

We meet every month as a group of females to discuss a book we have read and to express our opinions, like/dislikes about the book/themes relating to the book. We will be choosing books written by female authors.

Reading is known to improve concentration and the ability to focus, it is a good exercise for the brain. It improves literacy and vocabulary. It helps reduce stress, improves sleep and is a great way to learn about new cultures and is reported to help your ability to empathise. 

It is free to be part of the book club. You will need to purchase the book or we can send you a free online version of the book (if there is one). The monthly meetups are at a cafe where you can purchase a drink/cake if you choose to.

Bring your copy of the book we will be discussing for reference point (if you want). It is not a must. 

A relaxed group of females who may or may not have read the book. It would be great if everyone completed the book before the monthly meetup but it is not a must. The book club is a relaxed setting with great discussions and conversations and a chance to have a hot drink in a cosy setting.

Yes we will have an allocated area for you to pray and there are toilet facilities at the cafe should you need to perform your ritual ablution (wudu).

Yes, if you think your child will be fine sitting in the cafe during discussions and it can still be a relaxing time for you. We would love for the bookclub to be a bit of respite for you.

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Book Club Lead


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