Day: Every Wednesday 

Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm

Venue: Inspire Fitness (part of Sherwin Club), Harrington Street, Derby, DE23 8PB

Open to: Females 11+


Frequently Asked Questions...

Join us for an empowering workout that involves wearing padded gloves, sparring and boxing related exercises.

Boxing is a full-body workout that can improve heart and lung function, increase energy levels and is a fun social sport, a chance to meet new people and support your wellbeing.

A 6 week programme costs £20.

The sessions are in a female-only private room. Choose whatever you would like to wear, just make sure it is comfortable!

No, the venue is a female-only setting with no men likely to come in so you can take off your hijab and play.

Just bring some water.

A full workout and lots of sweating!

Yes you can stop at any point and pray. There will be an allocated area for you to pray and there will be toilet facilities at the venue should you need to perform ritual ablution (wudu).

Not for this activity, sorry.

Your Coach

Michelle Burdge

Boxing Coach


22 Cottonbrook Road


DE23 8YJ

United Kingdom


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Call Us: 07572 151 845