Tajweed Programme


Programme Started: October 1st

Programme Ends: March 13th 

Venue: Online via Zoom

Open to: Adult Females


Frequently Asked Questions...

The Tajweed programme covers all the Tajweed rules with a special focus on Surah Mulk. The weekly classes will increase your understanding, application and confidence when reciting the Quran. It will support your spiritual health and make you feel more connected to the spiritual self.

It is a 6 month programme, starting October 2022 – March 2023 (Ramadan 2023).

Depending on whether there are spaces in the class and how far into the programme we have reached, you may be able to still join the programme. We would recommend you contacting us first and then if advised, to add your name to the waiting list for the next programme. 

£20 a month.

Yes, you should still attend. There will be tasks given to you so that you can still benefit from the 8 classes such as going through your salah with tajweed and finding examples of your tajweed rules.

Have a notebook and pen with you, your Quran or a Quran app and a pencil so you can make note of your individual areas of improvement.

Yes, for those students who would like to set them the challenge to memorise the surah with tajweed by the end of the programme there will be an opportunity to recite the ayahs you have memorised in the class.

A class of no more than 5 students who are all keen to learn and practice their Quran. To have covered all the tajweed rules by the end of the programme and to be more confident in reciting Surah Mulk by the end of the programme.

Your teacher:

Ustadha Misba Khan

Ijaza in Quran


22 Cottonbrook Road


DE23 8YJ

United Kingdom


Email Us: admin@evergreencollective.org.uk


Call Us: 07572 151 845