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If you would like to sign up to the Mentorship Programme please contact your School and ask to be referred.




Frequently Asked Questions...

The Youth Mentorship programme is a free programme for young people aged 12-16years that will identify, understand and help teenagers to support their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Built around 1:1 and group sessions it will help and encourage each individual to fulfil their potential.

Our Youth mentorship programme consists of a group of female Muslim mentors who have a good understanding of the cultural and religious barriers female teenagers may face in reaching their goals and potential.

Your mentor will be allocated based on the needs, interests and guidance that has been identified from your application. If you do not feel the mentor allocated is a suitable match, we can look to find a more suitable mentor.

Mentor and Mentee will meet on a 1:1 basis at a location and day/time that has been agreed between the two. The meetings will have a formal and informal aspect. Informal in that they will meet in a social setting and possibly do an activity together and formal in that goals, targets and guidance will be discussed.

To build a good relationship with your mentor so you can have comfortable and open conversations regarding your goals, hopes, barriers and what you would like from the mentorship.

Mentoring Co-Ordinators:

Aisha Ibrahim​

Youth Co-ordinator

Ayla Hussain

Youth Co-ordinator

Madiyyah Khan

Youth Co-ordinator


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